I was born in Denmark in the years of the energy crisis as society was re-defining its identity after the 60s. My dad had just started his carpentry company so I grow up hammering in nails and handling tools.
Prior to my education as an industrial designer I worked for nearly ten years as a skilled metal worker. This background of metal and wood is a great asset to me in building models, prototyping and engineering.
I am skilled in concept development and incorporating engineering and mechanical components into design solutions.
I work with a variety of software I am skilled in model making and have familiarity with most tools and workshop processes.

  • 1973 Born in Fredericia Denmark

  • 1994 Finished a education as skilled metal worker

  • 2004 Terminating my career in Metal as an hydraulic pipefitter on the oilrigs in the Danish sector of the North sea

  • 2005 Accepted onto the first master program at the Designskolen Kolding in Denmark

  • 2008 BA in industrial design

  • 2009 1 semester at Wießensee kunsthochshule in Berlin

  • 2009 2 semester Intern at Barcelona

  • 2010 MA Industrial design at Designskolen Kolding after developing a concept for Unicef

  • 2010 Freelance Designer working both in DK and ES living in Barcelona.

  • 2011 Nominated and finalist at Index Award

  • 2011 for the concept “increasing value for UN aid packaging”

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